Child and Family Counselling
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Attending counselling is a major step in preparing yourself and your family for change. Here are a variety of supports offered by Monarch and other agencies.
Child and Family Resources
Website Resources
​Provincial information resource which gives excellent resources for parents and caregivers, youth and young adults.
Kelty provides free teleconference or in person education series typically from 12-1pm on scheduled days. For details check the website.
Interactive website for children to help relate to, cope and learn about cancer when a loved one is affected.
A downloadable 16 page colouring book for children. This book uses storytelling and colouring to help children relate to and learn about cancer treatment.
Kids Wellness Camp - TBA Spring & Summer of 2024 

Autism Community Training is an information and referral service that supports individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families across British Columbia.
Parenting Group
Connecting the Dots. Connecting with Self and Family
Come join Jennifer and Victoria in a four session parenting group.

Next group to start October 21st - November 18th.

  • Small 8 member group of parents only
  • Build parenting skills or enhance existing ones

  • Build connection with yourself and your family
  • Recharge!
  • Weekly Mindfulness practices to rewire your nervous system
  • Supportive, interactive group

To register please, email, text or call

Refresher sessions are available for past group members. Contact Jennifer for more information.
This section is under construction… Dates TBA, but to give you a sample… 

Week 1 - Homework battlefield - supporting your child through homework hardships
For parents with children ages 5-10

​Week 2 - How to hang out with your distance tween(s) and Teen(s)
For parents with children ages 11-19 years old

Week 3 - Toddler tough times
For parents with toddlers

Week 4- Co-regulation
For parents with children, youth and young adults

Week 5 - Parenting through tough times
For parents with children, youth and young adults

Choose a week or choose them all!
Dates: TBA

Time: 12pm sharp! Bonus Q&A time, personal questions answered!

Light and informative 30 minute workshops - for Parents
This morning only camp is suited for children that are shy to discuss feelings, struggling with mild to moderate anxiety but are ready to take action, and all kids are welcome to give it try! 

I’ve designed the first two days understanding anxiety while customizing it to the individual’s experience. The last two days are on developing skills to manage and feel better about anxiety. Questions? Call/text 250-550-1101

Day 1 - PLAY Understanding concepts: interoception, learning warning signs and systems in your body.

Day 2 - EXPERIMENT Building awareness to anxiety and using experiments to understand your anxiety 

Day 3 - CONTAIN Anxiety has a time and place. Explore what works for you: contain it, limit it, and calm it.

Day 4 - SKILLS “Whatcha going do when it comes for you?”
Customize coping skills and celebrating successes! 

Choose a week:  TBA

Cost $260 plus GST
Open House Playdate!!  TBA
Children and families are welcome to stop by and check out Monarch's newest location in the heart of city. A location that holds space for children and youth to explore, in and outdoors.

Come for a tour, take in the experience and connect with families. 

Free 30 minute workshop on Parenting through tough times

Details: TBA in the next coming weeks!

Stay connected or call text the office if you have any questions