Child and Family Counselling
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NEW! Webinar January 2022
Connecting the Dots . Parenting 

  • An educational webinar series to help parents gain insight and skills to better understand your child(ren) behaviours and the relationships you hold with them
  • Offered to all parents of children and preteens (biological, foster, or adopted)
  • To support parents struggling with their fears, frustrations and stressors of parenting those amazing little people (that also push parents to their limits!)
  • A webinar from the professions of Occupational Therapy and Counselling
  • Evidence based strategies that work 
  • 5 session series
  • Every session is interaction with live Q & A's
Monarch Counselling provides a safe and interactive environment for children and youth to express their thoughts and feelings. New skills are gained using play, art or traditional pyschotherapeutic interventions. With genuine compassion and creativity your therapist utilizes skills and knowledge to meet the needs of every child and youth. 

* Children and youth of all ages are welcomed
Monarch Child and Family Counselling ® Summerland, British Columbia